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Revenue Cycle

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Revenue Cycle Challenges

  • Increases in annual uncompensated-care losses

  • In 2019, hospitals provided more than $41 Billion in uncompensated care

  • 2022 CMS changes will further reduce Medicare reimbursement for 340B patient

  • COVID-19 resulted in extreme declines in healthcare facility revenues

  • The AHA estimated 2020 hospital and health systems losses at $323.1 Billion

  • In 2020, approximately 50 hospitals entered bankruptcy or closed

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4 Easy steps

Step 1:  Extraction

We work with your IT and Billing departments, using your report writer to extract the required query fields

Step 2:  Analysis

Self-pay, Sliding-scale, Fee, and all Uninsured categories are filtered to analyze only eligible transactions. These are then analyzed to determine any eligible Medicare / Medicaid claims.

Step 3. Claims Billing

Eligible claims are compiled on a HIPAA/HITECH compliant server. Claims are then automatically batch-submitted to your Billing Department for processing and payment. No other data will be needed to bill claims.

Step 4. Automation

Medicaid / Medicare funds are deposited into your organization’s account.  After you validate our invoice, funds are sent via ACH to MediRecovery.

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Nothing to Lose and MILLIONS in Unpaid Claims to Gain!

ZERO upfront cost, FREE data analysis, contingency fee-based

Utilizes existing data within your system

Determines retroactive eligibility for up to 12 months prior

Requires no integrations or use of additional resources

Manages multiple locations within your network



What is MediRecovery?

MediRecovery helps hospitals and clinics identify and rebill retroactive Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries’ claims using a proprietary HIPAA secured cloud-based system.

MediRecovery serves as a “safety-net” under your existing Medicaid/Medicare billing system to identify every claim (including charitable claims) entitled to reimbursement.

Using a proprietary algorithm, MediRecovery can compare tens of thousands of your Self-Pay encounters against state Medicaid files and immediately alert you whenever an encounter becomes eligible for retroactive reimbursement.

At no charge to you, MediRecovery checks the eligibility of every unpaid or sliding fee encounter every day for the lifetime of its eligible period. Once a claim is identified, MediRecovery submits to billing, and you are reimbursed with the net proceeds.


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